Sunday, March 29, 2015

Honey And Cinnamon

     I do not know if it is the craze for you, but it is for me. Honey & cinnamon is a very good combination. It helps in weight loss among other things such as: Ulcers, Heart disease, Skin Care, Indigestion, Bladder Infections, etc. I have been drinking it as a tea for about 7 or 8 months. Within a week or two I could feel a difference. In a month or two my clothes were baggy til I needed to wear a belt to keep them up. That is because it melts the fat away keeping it from building up. The results are great! I do exercise, but it has been slim, which is my preference. Do what is best for you. I also had swelling in my hands & feet in which it has went away! I can see my ankles again! Things you will need: A Mug, 2 Tsp Cinnamon, 4 Tsp Honey & Boiling water. Put Honey & Cinnamon in a mug, then pour in boiling water. Stir. Wait til warm enough to drink. Do this half an hour before breakfast & before bed. Do daily. Find out more go to:                                              If You decide to try this like I have leave a comment to let me know your

Thursday, July 31, 2014

How To Make Your Old Nail Polish Work Better

     You will need: Old finger nail polish, Finger nail polish remover, New clear finger nail polish & Cotton Balls. How many times have you thrown away nail polish that you thought was to clumpy. Now you can save yourself a little money & have a lot more finger nail polish to chose from. You can only use this technique with polish that is not too far gone. Take the polish of your choice, then take your new clear polish & pour 25% of it into the old bottle of nail polish. Screw the top on & shake til it mixes together well. If it is not thinner after the second time of pouring clear nail polish in & shaking well then the polish may not be good any longer. If it does get thinner you have accomplished your goal & now you can apply to nail. Note: You may not need a top coat with this technique.

Be A Blessing

God's word says we are on this earth to be a blessing to others. How are you being a blessing to someone? Did you wave hello to a neighbor. Did you pay for a customers order? Did you give a family food because it was upon your heart to do so or did you let that feeling pass by? On this earth someone will always need a blessing whether you may know them or not. So I challenge you to extend your hand to someone. Spend time with someone who is lonely. Do not talk just listen to someone who may need a shoulder to cry on or just need someone to listen. Do something to bless someone else. You will see when you do you open up happiness for yourself. You also receive a happy spirit in return.  

How To Extend Your Finger Nail Polish

     You will need: Finger nail polish of your choice & clear finger nail polish. Both polishes do not have to be new just in good working condition. You do not need old & clumpy polish for this. Open the nail polish color of you choice, then open the clear polish. Pour the clear polish only 3 drops at a time til you get the amount of polish you desire. Shake well then apply to nail. This technique is only to extend your nail polish to give you more than what you may already have. This also helps for thinning out your clumpy polish. See: How to make your old polish work better. Note: You may not need to apply a top coat doing this technique. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Add-Ons

     Instead of buying new hair extensions or weaves & if they have lost their color just purchase a box or bottle of hair dye. Get the same color or a color close to the color shade you have. Follow the directions in the box or bottle. Blow dry, style & wear.  Note: You should be able to ask the colorist at your hair salon to make you a bottle of hair color so you can do it your self. They will charge you a fee. The service fee for it should be very low opposed to how much you would pay for getting your hair done in the salon. You will save a lot of money.

Color Your Clothes

     If your clothes have lost it's color do not throw them away. Buy color dye for clothing. It is called Rit. Rit works very well on increasing the color to your clothing. Or buy something that works the way Rit does. Simply follow the directions on the box or bottle. The results are very good. Think of how much money you can save. Rit can be found at Jo-Ann Fabrics & Ultra Foods stores.